6 Month Smiles

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Six Month Smiles

The Benefits of Six Month Smiles

Quicker treatment - The biggest advantage of Six Month Smiles is its short treatment time. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment, which straightens all of your teeth and affects the way they bite together, takes around 12 to 18 months. Six Month Smiles treatment isn’t quicker because it’s moving your teeth faster; it’s quicker because it’s only straightening your front teeth.

Discreet brackets - Six Month Smiles has clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, which blend inconspicuously with your teeth. 

Affordable treatment - The speed of Six Month Smiles is usually reflected in its price, and in most cases, it costs less than comprehensive orthodontic treatment. 

The Six Month Smiles Process

  • If you’re found to be a good candidate for Six Month Smiles, x-rays and impressions will be taken and an individualized plan will be created.
  • Your visible teeth are fitted with the clear brackets and wire and adjusted accordingly.
  • You can expect to return to our office every four to five weeks for adjustments.
  • After around six months have passed, the brackets and wire are removed. Wearing a retainer is also necessary.

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